5 Jul 2014
Annik Honoré (1957-2014) 
Annik Honore

On July 3rd we learned with great sadness that our co-founder and friend Annik had passed away following a short battle with cancer. Annik co-founded Factory Benelux and Crépuscule with Michel Duval in 1980, having already organised a series of landmark happenings at the Plan K in Brussels (including Factory, Zoo and Postcard nights), and would also play a major role in promoting some of the best Belgian bands of the era including Digital Dance, The Names, Marine and Front 242. There's another story too, which got turned into a movie, but that shouldn't define her.

The name Crépuscule - 'twilight' - was Annik's idea. The photo above is from happier times and shows her relaxing at Intérferences, the Crépuscule cafe/bar on Rue de la Tête d'Or. Actually Annik smiled a lot, and was one the warmest, kindest, most generous and honourable people it's been my privilege to know. In 2009, when we returned to Plan K with A Certain Ratio, Section 25, The Wake and The Names, a friend of mine got rather tired and emotional in the wee small hours and had to be taken back to the hotel. It was Annik who stepped in to drive her across town at 3am in the morning and make sure she was safe, even though they had never met before. That's the Annik we will always remember, and will always love.

Adieu, Annik. Your star will shine forever in our Twilight.


Blogger japanese forms said...

A moving tribute to a seemingly very nice person whom I once corresponded with in the very eary days of Crépuscule.

Adieu, Annik

5/7/14 11:27

Blogger peter bolton said...

I was very saddened to hear the news about Annik, I hesitated to leave a comment as I didn't know her personally, I sent Annik some tapes of the John Peel show sessions in the 80's and In return she kindly sent me some crepuscule flyers and records, we corresponded for a while. as you suggest this was typical of Annik.

8/7/14 21:54

Anonymous Anonymous said...

si tu veux nous nous aimerons
avec tes lèvres sans le dire
cette rose ne l'interromps
qu'à verser un silence pire

jamais de chants ne lancent prompts
le scintillement du sourire
si tu veux nous nous aimerons
avec tes lèvres sans le dire

muet muet entre les ronds
sylphe dans la pourpre d'empire
un baiser flambant se déchire
jusqu'aux pointes des ailerons

si tu veux nous nous aimerons

[salut annick]

12/7/14 01:04

Blogger Brian Robson said...

Very sad to hear this.

I never met Annik but corresponded with her and promoted Crepescule a lot on Indie Radio in California in 1980.
Crepescule left a lasting impression with me and even after all these years the music is still inspiring.
Thank you Annik.

15/7/14 22:13

Anonymous Felicia said...

Terribly sad news. Hardly anyone in Britain knows much about her except the obvious, much misunderstood story. I'm sure Annik deserved much more respect and understanding than she received. I hope she finds peace now. FDB

26/7/14 10:28


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