30 Mar 2014
Josef K - The Only Fun In Town [TWI 052] 
Josef K [TWI 052] LDDC reissue The Only Fun In Town by Josef K on double vinyl and CD in May 2014. Both formats feature a new remaster of TOFIT from the original analogue tapes recorded in Brussels, with key single sides and the 1981 John Peel session on disc 2 of the deluxe vinyl package. Plus an art print too. The CD comes in a trifold digipack with a 12 page booklet, and all of Sorry For Laughing as an added bonus. Available now for mailorder customers - free live CD with vinyl albums.
2 Mar 2014
TWI 1150 postcard set 
Crepuscule / box set of 25 cards [TWI 1150]

In association with Polite Company we have produced a boxed set of 25 art quality postcards featuring classic images and artwork associated with Les Disques du Crépuscule and Factory Benelux between 1979 and 2014. Featured sleeve and poster designers include Benoît Hennebert, Jean-François Octave, Claude Stassart and Marc Borgers. Featured photographers include Charles Van Hoorick, Annik Honoré, Marc Portée, Marc Monin, Gilles Martin and Amy K. Walker.

The artists and musicians represented on the cards are (in alphabetical order): A Certain Ratio, Antena, Isabelle Antena, Gavin Bryars, William S. Burroughs, Cabaret Voltaire, Anna Domino, The Durutti Column, Paul Haig, Richard Jobson, Josef K, The Lost Jockey, Ludus, Billy Mackenzie, Marine, Marnie, Marsheaux, The Names, Bill Nelson, The Pale Fountains, Eric Random, Vini Reilly, Repetition, Section 25, 23 Skidoo and Tuxedomoon.


1. Plan K concert poster, 16 October 1979 (WSB, Joy Division)
2. Plan K concert poster, 26 April 1980 (Factory Night)
3. Plan K concert poster, 27 June 1980 (Cocteau, Bill Nelson)
4. Jobson + Nelson portrait, 27 June 1980
5. Vini Reilly portrait, Manchester 1980
6. ULB concert poster, 21 October 1980 (Factory Night Again)
7. TWI 007 FBWL cassette package, 1980
8. M Duval + G Bryars portrait, 1981
9. Repetition concert poster, 7 March 1981
10. Ludus + Eric Random concert poster, 21 April 1981
11. Josef K illustration (TWI 023) by JFO, 1981
12. TWI 032 badge graphic, 1981
13. OPT 007 Twilight Set badges, 1982
14. TWI 065 (Names) painting by Hennebert, 1982
15. TWI 069 (Marine) painting by Hennebert, 1982
16. Tuxedomoon portrait, Italy 1982
17. Paul Haig portrait, Brussels 1985
18. Antena trio portrait, 1982
19. MB-BH package tour poster, October 1981
20. Interferences cafe graphic, 1983
21. Billy Mackenzie concert postcard, 1985
22. TWI 600 (Anna Domino) painting by Hennebert, 1986
23. Isabelle Antena Japan poster, 1988
24. Marsheaux portrait (TWI 1151), 2013
25. Marnie portrait (TWI 1156), 2013

TWI 1150 affords a unique and attractive look at the design, graphics and photography of both labels from launch to present day. Each set is supplied in a hand finished box made in Manchester, and also contains a short biographical text. Available now via our shop page at £25.00 including UK postage. Europe = £27.00 including airmail postage. North America, Asia etc = £30.00. All copies purchased mailorder from LDDC are also supplied with a free TWI 032 badge and bonus postcard.

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